ProGameX World of Warcraft Arena Third WoD EU Tournament 2015 (3v3)

Starting on [24th of October, 2015] 19.00 CET

Registration for a tournament is opened

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Jacob Bentzen, Ilya Garbuzov, Lagyna, Sergei Bogatenkov, Anonymous, Mike Ball, Susan Guilmette, David Hollings

Current prize pool: 100 EUR

About tournament

ProGameX is glad to announce the third tournament of this year!

ProGameX World of Warcraft Third WoD Tournament 2015 (3v3) is starting on October 24th, 2015 at 19.00 CET.

Up to 16 teams will get a chance to participate!

Commentator: Sid Compston (@Supatease)
Follow Twitter @ProGameXcom for updates.

The initial prize pool is 100 euro (3:2:1).

ProGameX team will invite at least 8 teams to the tourney!

All games will be live streamed at
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Looking for volunteers
Join us! Want to be a cameraman or commentate? Want to stream or help with video production or graphics?
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Single Elimination - Best of 3 Rounds
Double Elimination - Best of 3 Rounds
Semifinals - Best of 5 Rounds.
Grand Final - Best of 7 Rounds.

Tournament Gear is Allowed, but PvE gear is not.
Only one Tank / Healer Spec Character per team.
Pre-Announcement Sub-ins are allowed, after the brackets have been released sub-ins must share the main spec/class of the previous player.
Get in contact with an Admin ([email protected]) to update your team.
If a player DCs / Lags out in a match all players affected must leave the Arena prior to 45 seconds (19:15 on the timer) to void the match. All DC’s / Lag that occurs after 45 seconds must be played out. (If the unaffected team wants to wait or restart the match this is allowed.)
Players can only compete on one team at a time. Each Team has 10 minutes after contact from an Admin to ready their team. If their team is next on the bracket and they don’t respond or cannot compete after 10 minutes they will be Disqualified.
Players / Teams cannot Represent any company/service that promotes violation of Blizzards TOS.
The loser of each round has map choice and the first map will always be Nagrand Arena. Maps cannot be replayed until five out of six maps have been played.
Player and Team name’s cannot be inappropriate in anyway, all applications with an inappropriate name will declined from competing.

Each Team is allowed up to 4 players and 6 Classes. If a team is caught competing with players that weren’t originally registered for their team - They will disqualified and blacklisted from competing in future events.

Each Team has a total of 10 minutes of delay time after contact from an admin before each game to ready their team.

Prizes are distributed via Paypal.
There will be no seeding whatsoever.
All games will be live streamed at with live commentary from professionals.
The fastest way to have a question answered would be to use the board

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